May. 20th, 2017 10:55 am
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Yesterday was a really rough day for me. Hell, the last three weeks have been insane.

I got a promotion at work. I am no longer working in organic extractions. I've been moved to the Metals department doing instrumentation/analysis. I am working in this department with one other girl who is herself a relatively new hire. Both of the previous metalists put in their two weeks notice. Amanda left last month - she was in charge of the department. Kassie was moved up to replace her, and they hired Sarah to fill Kassie's position. So suddenly Kassie is totally in charge of metals, and she did a hell of a job for someone who was also frantically trying to train a new hire. Then she found out Sarah was hired for the same amount of money she makes. She asked for a raise, and was denied. Ouch. Stupid move. So she was already in talks with another company and that sealed it - she put in her two weeks notice, and one day later, Ben called me into his office to ask if I wanted to work in the metals department doing instrumentation. Oh and also, to congratulate me on my pregnancy, as someone I worked with told EVERYBODY but Ben couldn't just approach me about it because he's the lab manager and all that.

So Kassie had exactly 10 days to train me in metals, which is nowhere near enough, but I am doing my best. My best is pretty fucking spectacular, actually. I'm a goddamn rock star. Also I am expensive as hell because I insisted on a raise and I got one--I am up from $18/hour to $21/hour. I mean, I am in charge of the analysis, the instruments, contacting our service company if there are problems, purchasing supplies for our department, and acting as point-of-contact between the front end (client services, Ben, Bob) and our department, and overseeing Sarah's work and giving her direction on what to do. I will also be responsible for training her this summer for when I will be out on maternity leave.

Yesterday was just awful, though. Nothing went right, I don't know enough to fix problems, and I had Ben breathing down my neck about client samples and I couldn't do anything about it because the ICP/MS wasn't working and it took me forever to figure out how to get it back up and running. I didn't even take a real lunch break. I heated up my lunch and brought it to My Desk (I have a desk!) and ate while I batched samples for the overnight run.

I like the challenge and the work, but some days will just suck. Then my phone died and I can't charge it anymore so I'll need a new one, and I went to see my MIL and she commented on my appearance ("You've got a pot on ya", very nice) and then I felt like shit and blah blah blah.

But I slept well and I woke up feeling much better today and then I cleaned the kitchen counters and washed the dishes and then I made hot cakes.

Life is not too bad. I am especially happy to be making more money now that the baby is on its way. My next appointment isn't until June 13th and it's killing me. I almost bought a home doppler but John looked at me like I was nuts. idk, I might still.


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