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For awhile I was walking around with the distinct impression that John completely did not care that we are having a baby, that this was only a source of financial stress and worry for him, and that he had no interest in anything other than finding a daycare to stick the kid (we have no choice) and being hard on me for no good reason.

This may actually have all been true for awhile. Some of it still is--the financial stress, specifically. But for the last month or two we've been bickering about household tasks of the home improvement kind. He wants to paint the house, and build a retaining wall around our patio (the old wooden logs around it are rotting away), design and build an 18th century English country garden, tear up cement covering the keeping room fireplace hearth and restore it with brick, grow corn on the cob again (he's actually doing this one), tear out the rotten floorboards in our corn crib/shed and replace them, and half a dozen other things I can't remember. I insisted that ONE of these tasks might be possible, but he needs to pick one and stay with it, or none of them will get done. This was a lot of bickering! I personally thought the corn crib was the most pressing issue--in the past someone kept animals in this shed and it still reeks of animal piss and shit, and mold, rotting straw, wood, etc. He thought that the porch and the house painting took greater priority.

So imagine my surprise last week when he tore out the floorboards and bought some 2x10x8 foot boards and started replacing the floor to the corn crib. This weekend I helped and now the corncrib has an entirely new floor and we've started painting the interior walls and the floorboards to help protect them from moisture. It looks amazing! Anyway, we were talking while we worked and John said, "I don't know, I just feel like I need to get all of these things done and we're running out of time." And suddenly it hit me.

"You're NESTING!" I said, and started laughing. "Am I?" he said, and thought about it. "Yeah, I guess I am. YOU'RE not, though!" which is entirely true, I am not at all. I am in the "fuck this shit I don't care" phase of pregnancy.

Then I got a card from Joe for Mother's Day which was very sweet and unexpected. John did not do or buy me anything for Mother's Day, which was NOT UNEXPECTED and I was NOT ANGRY OR UPSET. I want to make that very clear bc it makes this next part even funnier.

Tonight I bought KFC for dinner and we were eating on the porch and out of nowhere John blurts out, "Are you happy with me?" and he looked so cute and worried I laughed and I was like, yes, of course, why...? And it turns out his boss (also named Kristin) yelled at him today for not doing anything for me for Mother's Day. This was really funny and I told him to make sure she knew I didn't mind and wasn't expecting or even really hoping for anything. Like yeah, sure, I would have loved it, but I'm totally fine.

I guess this is a difficult adjustment for him, too, but he doesn't do so well at communicating that so I always figure things out after the fact.


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