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John and I officially announced the pregnancy on FB. Everyone seems really excited, yay hurray etc. I have NOT felt excited the last two weeks because John was sick and then I got sick and being sick while pregnant is a horrible thing. I recommend avoiding it at all costs. I am finally starting to feel better just in time for allergy season, awesome, and apparently what is safe for pregnant women is claritin. Good thing claritin does fuck all for me, awesome.

Here is a picture of how bloated I am so you can get a sense of my massive levels of discomfort. Smile included bc I'm trying.

That's me yesterday. I'm actually bloated worse today. My weight fluctuates ~2 pounds every 24 hours. Yesterday morning I was 148. This morning I was 146. Earlier in the week I was almost 149, then I was 147 the following day. It's insane. I suspect my prenatal vitamin is contributing to the constipation. It wasn't this bad until I started taking the prescription one my doctor gave me at my first appointment. It has a higher iron content than the one I was taking and it upsets my stomach more. Thankfully I'm almost out of the sample pack so I'm just going to go back on the OTC ones.

Tomorrow my mom is coming up to help with laundry and stuff. She bought a ham and sweet potatoes and tomorrow we'll buy green beans and on Sunday my aunt is coming over too and we'll have a nice Easter meal, just the four of us, very low-key.
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